Lööppi ry

Lööppi is the student association of journalism students in the University of Jyväskylä. Journalism is part of the Department of Communication which belongs to the Faculty of Humanities.

Like all the decent subject associations the main task of Lööppi is to supervise the interests of all our students and coordinate between the university staff, students and interest groups. Lööppi also aims to be part of the curriculum planning group. We cooperate a lot with other communication associations – Lööppi, Parku (Speech Communication students) and Imago (PR and Organizational Communication) together are known as “Torso”.

The other main task of Lööppi is to provide freetime activities such as sports, culture, parties, sauna evenings, journalist cruise and annual excursion to abroad. You can celebrate pretty much all the traditional Finnish events with Lööppi!

All our activities are informed via Facebook, e-mail and this website.

Postal Address: Lööppi-Ö
Mendelininkatu 26
FI-40600 Jyväskylä


The whole board of Lööppi: looppi (at) lists.jyu.fi
Members of Lööppi: looppi-jasenet (at) lists.jyu.fi
Chairman: topias.k.e.peltonen (at) student.jyu.fi
Webmaster: onni.j.niemi (at) student.jyu.fi

If you’re looking for a specific member of our board, please visit Lööpin hallitus.

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