Jorno is the magazine of journalism students which is published twice a year, once during the fall semester (usually sometime during the pre-Christmas time) and once during the spring semester (usually on May Day).

There is always place for enthusiastic writers and photographers. If you have some crazy ideas on your mind, we’d love to have them! Price policy: zero euros for a good story, zero euros for a bad story. Photographing extra: none.

The original idea of Jorno is to present bad journalism, so the more senseless idea the better! During the history of Jorno we have for example done some vodka tasting, revealed the true natures of almost everyone from our department (mostly considering secret relationships, alcohol and drunk stories) and written some insane articles you would never dare to show to your future bosses.

The editor-in-chief is Pinja Päivänen. If you have an idea or two on your mind, contact pinja.a.h.paivanen (at)! Jorno speaks English and Finnish.

Jorno1/2014Spring-Jorno 2014

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