Journalism is a subject which introduces students to journalism and mass communication research. The professional objective of Journalism studies is to develop the students’ skills for, and insight into, journalistic work in various media. In Jyväskylä all our journalism students learn the basics of all the forms of journalistic work – in other words, there’s no specification programmes for print, radio and tv but of course students can choose different advanced courses in order to specialize in a specific field of study.

Journalism is the major subject in a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees. It is possible to carry out BA and MA studies in Journalism only in Finnish. It is also possible to carry out PhD studies in Journalism. Admission to doctoral studies is possible also for applicants without a proficiency in Finnish. (

Journalism can be studied academically only in three universities in Finland: University of Jyväskylä, University of Tampere and University of Helsinki.

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Departmental Coordinator Sari Mäkikangas is responsible for study counselling and exchange students at the Department of Communication.

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